LP in for the end of the month. Hoping to do a special edition also. Only distro in the UK, maybe in Europe stocking this. It's nice for something to be popular I guess, but it's also a shame that plenty of other releases just as good as this one are available on the label for bugger all and they're sitting there going nowhere. I'll hopefully have these up for sale very soon!


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How stupid n foolish of u. Would be nice after spending years of being the guy in Glasgow who every goon would come to to sort out a gig to have the favour reciprocated all the years later. Might do a vinyl version of this, money permitting in the future! I can't go to this gig as I'll be in Jerusalem at the time! Got a huge load of stuff ready to go up, just need to work through it! My favorite moment was the time you finally realized and admitted how wrong you were about the Iraq War. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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The only other TPs are going to the band, one to the engineer and one to me so they won't be available anywhere else. I've spent the day being a combination of either suicidal or uncontrollably raging at these utter fucking clowns, so will find out where we stand tomorrow and if we can get replacements. Huge amount of vinyl heavily discounted too, some real bargains to be had. And still only four quid. The Crypt releases look ace and will go quick so get on em!
OK, no more begging for site to continue , EXCEPT can you please leave the site up for those of us who want to go back to read past weekend posts? I get being esoteric and all that but come on! Very cheap price, particularly if you buy both. One sub-theme of the Dish has long been my passionate, tortured relationship with the Catholic Church. Uzala sleeves will be on their way to me soon, the insane costs of shipping these to the UK mean will be a year of plain rice and water unless some of you fuckers get the finger out and stop downloading everything like a bunch of hip bobags and buy real records! My only solution to all these bands and labels is to put a number on your shit.

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Jakh 1 month ago
I want to fuck the MILF!
achbme 25 days ago
Oh those sexy French matures!
tangerinelad 17 days ago
Gr8 mix... trying to edge.. while i watch i had to stop watchin to cool off lol...
water2900 9 months ago
Excelente... como siempre!!!
shantuhin 2 years ago
Sounds like she let you have a really a happy ending at about 6:15.
brody-iii-cf 9 months ago
your tight tops series has been gr8 but yer slipping down the hill now dude
peufman 5 days ago
LS is great but always always always wears shit shoes!
montena68 9 days ago
Name please?? :) Pm ?